About the CEO


Dr. A. LaSharnda Beckwith is a passionate and energetic leader who loves to empower others to imagine what is possible. She is a world traveler and International Speaker, Author, and Executive who delivers results. Dr. Beckwith retired from the Army & Air Force Exchange Service as the Vice President of Eastern Region.  She worked for AAFES for 26 years and took the knowledge and skills she learned there to her own organization, Beckwith Leadership Consulting Group.  As the CEO of Beckwith Leadership Consulting Group, she and her team, trains, develops and provides executive coaching to individuals and organizations. Concurrent with her leadership training consultancy, Dr. Beckwith was also in higher education and is a Chief Academic Officer at a local university. This adds to her training in the area of the most current research and applications.

Dr. Beckwith has also been a Chair, Dean, and now Chief Academic Officer in higher education and works at a local university building programs that will prepare learners for a future that have not been thought of. In this space, she is able to benefit from the most current research and applications industry.

In her spare time, Dr. Beckwith can be found writing.  She has published 4 books and she is a monthly contributor to Wordsmith Journal Magazine, where she writes a column titled “Power of Positive Faith.” She also blogs at http://www.LaSharndaBeckwith.wp.com.

Her 4 books are: When You’re Happy With You, It’s Your Life; Own It. No Blame, No Excuses, You Call That Love? This is Love; and Passionate and Purposeful Leadership.

Dr. Beckwith holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Organization & Management with a specialization in Leadership.  She has an MBA with Distinction and a Masters of Arts in Business Management with a minor in Human Resource Development. Her undergraduate is in Business also.