About the CEO

Dr. Beckwith

After Dr. LaSharnda Beckwith, PhD, MBA, MA, BPS, retired from the federal government with more than 26 years of experience in leadership, management, training & development and human resources she established Beckwith Leadership Consulting Group. She is an expert in leadership, not only as a scholar but as a practitioner. She has led teams and during her last position as Vice President, Eastern Region, she had as many as 8,000 employees working under her leadership. She has crafted strategy, set goals, worked on project action teams and made many decisions regarding operating processes. As a result of her experiences in leadership, training and change management, she had a desire to transfer the skills she gained into her own practice. Along with the expertise of other management and leadership experts, Beckwith Leadership Consulting Group is able to provide complete solutions to business needs.

As an Adjunct Professor teaching leadership, management and human resources her skills were again used to develop management executives in the Executive MBA program at Texas Woman’s University. Those experiences only add to her toolbox as an executive leader. Beckwith Leadership Consulting Group has practical experience and is acutely aware of the gaps that exist with leaders in organizations.

In the Corporate world, Dr. Beckwith discovered that skilled Technical & Professional High Potentials move up the corporate ladder quickly and all too often did not have the prerequisite leadership skills to support that transition. Her broad background in business and in training & development as a manager and ultimately as vice president created a keen awareness of how essential coaching and mentoring are for emerging and seasoned leaders.

Some scholars say that leaders are born and cite examples such as JFK, MLK & others. Others say that leaders are developed. At the BLCG, we believe that they can be both. Whether you are an emerging leader, an entrepreneur or a seasoned executive, leaders that invest in their own and their team’s development enjoy greater visibility, are stronger leaders and have a greater impact on the bottom line. We can help you be better!

Beckwith Leadership Consulting Group are Motivators,

Encouragers, and leaders who have challenged the status quo.

We can teach you how to do the same in a productive manner.